D2.DESIGN proposes clear rules of cooperation based on a cohesive pricing policy and efficient order processing. We grant full information on the availability of products in our warehouse and planned deliveries when a product is sold out. Our products are characterized by modern design, high-quality products on offer, and trusted and selected suppliers. We offer fast logistics (a confirmed order will reach the customer in a maximum of two working days).


The dropshipping model is very simple – you no longer need to keep goods in stock. Your supplier will ship the products directly to your customer, and you make a profit on the difference between the purchasing price and the selling price of the supplier’s products in your shop.


First, you need to register on our B2B portal and send in your business registration documents. If you operate a brick-and- mortar shop, you select a display and receive catalogues to work with your customers. If you operate an e-shop, you integrate our offerings with your shop via an XML file(recommended) or manually.
The customer places an order with your shop and makes a payment.You place your order with D2.DESIGN via the B2B portal, quoting the details necessary for order processing (customer’s address, additional services).
D2.DESIGN will ship the goods to the customer, and send the invoice with your wholesale price rebate to you.You pay for D2.DESIGN’s invoice and earn a profit on the difference between the purchase and sale price. In case of complains or returns, D2.DESIGN will handle the problem.

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